Case Studies

Perishables – Supply Chain Management 

Case StudyOne of our clients is in the frozen lobster business. We had a long and successful history of moving their product to points all around the world. They made the decision to get into the business of shipping live lobsters around the globe. Even though they had no previous experience in maintaining, packing or preparing live lobsters for air transport, they weren’t anxious. They knew Imperial Freight Brokers would exceed their expectations.

Imperial Freight had previous experience shipping live lobsters and had the resources that our client could consult for guidance and solutions. Imperial Freight Brokers also works with a host of air carriers that are well versed in daily deliveries and the shipping of perishables like live lobster.

Due to Imperial Freight’s connections and existing expertise, best practices from throughout the industry provided this newcomer with the fastest transit time from Miami to Asia, which allowed our client to have lobster available to market two to three hours before the competition.

As a result, our client now has been able to set the market pricing for live lobster in Asia for the last few seasons.

Industrial – Reverse Logistics

Case StudyWhen one of our customers needed to ship 350 forty-foot containers for one of their clients the solution was easy, they called Imperial Freight Brokers.

This story, however, is a bit more complicated. Our customer’s client here in the US refused to take delivery of the shipment and that left our customer with a potential loss of nearly $2.5 million. Imperial Freight Brokers responded immediately.

As our customer identified a new buyer in Mexico, Imperial Freight began negotiating to reduce detention charges, trans-loading charges and arrange for PPQ inspections for re-export. In all, our contacts and connections helped us re-export all 350 containers with proper inspections and paper work, all while reducing our customer’s detention exposure by more than $750,000 from 7 different ports.

Due to the ability of Imperial Freight Brokers to trans-load the units inside the port, our customer avoided the additional costs of customs examination thereby saving them time, money and stress.

Industrial – Custom Built Logistics

Case StudyOne of Imperial Freight Brokers’ customers specializes in importing commercial glass and made the decision to venture into residential deliveries. In order to do this, however, they had to address a whole new set of shipping challenges.

Imperial Freight Brokers needed to create a way for our customer to know the exact cost per glass, including clearance, duty, segregating and stripping the container for delivery to the end client’s door.

To accommodate the need of our customer, Imperial Freight Brokers designed a fixed cost-per-window rate based on shipping miles. This simple but innovative approach allowed the customer’s sales team to focus on expanding the residential window delivery program throughout Florida.

Today, this customer’s residential glass business delivers throughout the State. Also the shipping and pricing systems that Imperial Freight Brokers established allows them to implement the model anywhere in the world. This way, when our customer is ready to expand into new markets, Imperial Freight will be right by their side providing the best in personalized service.


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