DAVID H. Moskowitz, Controller

Latin American Wines & Spirits Marketing Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Imperial Freight Brokers for several years now as they oversee the customs clearance and forwarding of the spirits and liqueurs my business imports. From start to finish of the process, Imperial Freight keeps me informed and updated on the status of our shipments at all times. Specifically, they make every effort to work on a prompt release of our shipments ensuring the products reach our final customers in a timely manner. Not only would I recommend them to fellow Importers but I will definitely continue using their services.”


Carlos Padron, Manager

Family Tobacco Traders

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Imperial Freight Brokers for the assistance they provided in creating and implementing an effective logistics chain for our business. Through their dedicated time, effort and cooperation we have been able to efficiently grow our business. The cigar business requires much care in the handling and treatment of the product and Imperial Freight Brokers has assisted us to make sure these needs are met. Our business requires an effective line of communication with US Customs. Imperial Freight Brokers has been instrumental in assisting us with this communication along with the development of mutually agreed upon forms to be used for the entry of the product. This has allowed us to present our information accurately and in the manner that US Customs requires.”



Carlos Seafood

“As our business model has grown through the years, we have evolved from exporting strictly frozen cargo to now including the export of live seafood shipments. We knew that Imperial Freight would provide the support needed to launch this new venture with their knowledge and experience in the industry. From the beginning, they worked diligently to create an effective supply chain strategy and reviewed several options before executing a plan that suited both our organization and my clients’ needs. I am happy to say that with their assistance we have been able to increase our margin, the frequency with which we sell to our overseas clients and have significantly minimized the dead loss ratio of the live cargo.”


Imperial Freight Safeguard

Imperial Freight Safeguard

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