September 23-25

Our President Ralph De La Rosa will be attending the Government Affair Conference as part of the Florida Team and the NCBFAA.



July 5th, 2018

Imperial Freight Brokers is now a proud member of the

Colombian American Chamber of Commerce!




June 20th, 2018

Imperial Freight Brokers will be attending the FDA Seminar on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018. 

This seminar will consist of the basic process of building the FDA product code for Foods, Dietary Supplements, and Cosmetics & Radiation-Emitting Products.

  • Attendees will walk away with the basic understanding and ability to build common FDA Product Codes.
  • The seminar will cover the Industry, Product Class and most importantly the Process Indicator Codes.
  • In addition, we will explain the affirmation of compliance codes for products such as canned foods, radiation-emitting products, and medical devices.

These required FDA data-points will then be discussed in the larger
context about how they tell a product’s story and influence FDA’s review, which could be the difference between import hold and release.


Imperial Freight Safeguard

Imperial Freight Safeguard

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