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Information on Customs clearance, document preparation and processing along with the expertise in dealing with Other Government Agencies (OGA’s). Click here for more information.


Compliance with government regulations, export declarations, and document preparation is imperative in the international marketplace. Click here for more information.

The Imperial (Freight) Safeguard

Our commitment to safeguarding cargo does not stop with government agencies and organizations. We realize that every shipment is critical to your business. That’s why Imperial Freight Brokers has you covered.

Through an established agreement of the International Trade Community and transportation providers, carriers greatly limit their liability in their terms and conditions. Imperial Freight Brokers compensates for that gap by offering an additional safeguard for your cargo.

At Imperial Freight, you can protect your entire shipment, insuring the full investment in case of damage, fire, natural disasters, theft, etc.


Imperial Freight Safeguard

Imperial Freight Safeguard

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